Carol Prusa, Budding Universe

BRINTZ GALLERIES Palm Beach is pleased to announce Numinous, an exhibition of new works by Udo Nöger, Jaq Belcher and Carol Prusa. An opening reception will be held the evening of Thursday, December 8th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Numinous is an exploration of the idea of “the holy” by three contemporary artists. Each work in the show beckons us to be aware of that quiet and rarified place in our psyche that processes experiences deeply and slowly. Udo Nöger, Jaq Belcher, and Carol Prusa all use gradations of white or off-white tonal shades, along with subtle manipulations of light and space, to encourage phenomenological experiences that are meditative, mysterious, and perhaps even sublime.

Carol Prusa is a mid-career museum artist whose practice merges pre-industrial craft methods with contemporary strategies to produce multi-layered, obsessively detailed compositions. Employing silverpoint, a Renaissance-era technique for fine line-making, Prusa creates complex symmetries through pattern and repetition. Inspired by historic cosmologies, sacred geometries, and current developments in mathematics and science, Prusa’s work inspires a sense of awe and wonder for our interconnected, elegant, and ever-expanding cosmos.

Jaq Belcher’s work is founded in a contemplative process of reduction and repetition informed by the artist’s study of Eastern and Western meditative traditions. Her hand-cut paper works use a “palette” of nine basic cuts in various geometric permutations that radiate and shimmer in response to light or to the position of the viewer. Belcher describes her works as “energetic fields,” similar to mandalas, intended to bypass intellectual response and engage the viewer at a subconscious level. The essence of her work is simplicity, subtlety, and light.

Udo Nöger is an internationally exhibited German born artist with a longstanding interest in light and its material manifestations. His deceptively simple white-on-white painted constructions incorporate translucent materials that seem to physically trap light within their middle and under-layers. His works often appear to glow with a soft, soothing, luminous energy. Nöger’s art turns on the philosophical paradox that something so disembodied and ethereal as light can be represented materially as a physical presence.

Brintz Galleries is a contemporary art gallery in Palm Beach, Florida. Opened in April of 2014, the gallery exhibits emerging, mid-career, and established artists from around the world.