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REFLECTIONS Matt Black x Gana Art and Ry David Bradley

Gana Art is pleased to present ≪Reflections≫, representing the contemporary art scene with 34 artists including Brian Calvin, Gary Simmons, George Condo, KAWS, Rashid Johnson and Sterling Ruby. In collaboration with filmmaker and curator, Matt Black, this exhibition is centered around his film titled “Reflections.” Through his interviews with Taryn Simon, Robert Longo, Jeff Koons and more, Matt Black demonstrates the rapidly changing trend of the contemporary art scene and successfully draws honest stories behind their artworks. Following the film’s theme, Gana Art has curated this exhibition to feature works by worldly renowned artists not only from the international realm, but also from Korea, highlighting the whole art scene. In our efforts to expand and widen perspectives, the exhibition also includes Korean artists who are nevertheless promising such as Seung Woo Back, Eddie Kang and Shan Hur. Gana Art is hopeful that this exhibition will be reflective of the contemporary art scene as well as be representative of each artist’s unique point of view, furthering conversation and discussion in the art scene.