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HYPERALLERGIC: Rachel Rossin SCRY (2023) at Magenta Plains

Installation view of Rachel Rossin: SCRY (2023) at Magenta Plains (photo by Object Studies)

15 Art Shows to See in New York This July

By Valentina Di Liscia


There’s a hypnotic quality to the small, circular display screens placed throughout Rachel Rossin’s latest exhibition. Covered in thick cast-glass lenses and mounted on metal clamps, they evoke submarine portholes peering out into an unknown abyss — a shapeshifting matrix of animated forms, biomorphic characters, and infrared imagery born of Rossin’s experiments with brain-computer interfaces. The objects reference the practice of scrying, a method of divination dating as far back as Ancient Babylonia that involves the perception of signs and symbols in reflective surfaces and other mediums. Installed centrally on the ceiling, Rossin’s lenticular LED screen work “The Maw Of” (2022) steeps the quasi-abstract paintings on view in an eerie warm light; the show is a haunting meditation on the future of technology. —VD