A Closer Look at Max Gimblett


"I met MAX GIMBLETT when I was actually shooting a story on his wife, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, a scholar of performance and Jewish studies, for Smak Magazine. Max is also a scholar, which he uses in his practice as an artist, drawing on influences from religion and philosophy. Max is actually a New Zealander but has lived in New York since 1972. I love his accent - it's very old school, a mix of the colonial British influence with the informal nature of Kiwis. He lives and works on an entire floor of a building that is right next to the New Museum on the Bowery. He is a true maverick and, at 80 years old, is part of the living history of artists in New York."


To view more fantastic images of Max Gimblett in his studio, and read the full interview with Gimblett and Paul Barbera, click here.